Darling Topaz

We were missing our Cavalier King Charles spaniel who passed away (12 years old) in August. I went on line after Christmas to look at Cavi puppies. I found Puppy Spot and through them I found Mary Yoder. Topaz looked so much like our Happy, I called.. Sarah Dowling at Puppy Spot sent pictures of Topaz that showed him in a better light (don’t trust the picture on line) Then I met Mary on the phone, and we had an immediate connection. Mary’s little paws was a great way to stay in touch while the puppy is in transit. Our Cavalier was 4 months old and traveled well from Ohio to Southern California. From the first day we realized what a wonderful, intelligent puppy we had purchased. Topaz is highly trainable. in 3 days he had figured out how to use the doggie door and has had maybe, 3 accident in the first week. we have had him 6 days .He is a loving little dog and loves to be cuddled. Thank you Mary and all your help. this was a nearly seamless transition. and we love our puppy.

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