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About us

I Am E. Yoder, we are a family of 7.  5 children and 2 grandchildren. We all love animals growing up on a farm, we experienced a lot about the ability of a dog and how affectionate and loving the canine animals are.  As  well Horses, cats, ponies , cows .We now reside in rolling farm country of north central Ohio on 5 acres along with our dog Ginger the toy poodle, and a few Cavaliers that we cherish, a horse name Cheyenne, a pony named Rex, and a few cats.

As a dog breeder we have 20 + years of experience. We have come to understand what a good healthy  dog is. The King Charles Cavalier is a breed that we fell in love with. Their sweet calm temperament and  their ever so soft velvety hair coat. Occasionally we have a litter of cavapoos  ( a designer breed, cavalier/poodle ) As well as the sweet little Toy Poodles we may have a litter now and then.